Brazy Brandon Talks to Dj Altra on NY2LARADIO

Brazy Brandon Interview

Brazy Brandon

Lets GOOOOOOOO! This time around we have a great interview with an artist by the name of Brazy Brandon and this came to us by the ways of SNVLIFE.  Now SNVLIFE is an upcoming hiphop magazine that we think is    better than every magazine that is out there.  We put it up there with COMPLEX and feel in a year or  2 it will  top the hiphop scene.  They have had over 100 artist and I can assure you that 90% has been top artist.  With artist such as Ace Hood, Vinsane, Dongala + more SNVLIFE will soon be the #1 choice.  Now that brings us to Brazy Brandon who is working closely with these guys and seems to be all over the place  with his single topping 20k plays on Spotify.  Below is the interview with our very own DJ Altra so let us know what you think and remember to follow us on all social media platforms:


Brazy Brandon


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