Dj Altra Interview with Steve Crawford

Written by on September 4, 2017

Now we had the chance to host a great interview that we done on the behalf of our sister radio show over at Ny2LaRadio.  Ny2laRadio is a new and upcoming radio station that already has an audience reaching over 10,000 plus listeners.  So it was only right for us to get him on the air waves.  Below is the complete interview so let us know what you think about it!

Once upon a time, a little kid was a big square at Gesu School in Detroit. His older sister used to tease him calling him “Beaty Boy”. He was small in stature, couldn’t hurt a flea, not athletic and pretty much…. lame.

He took up a hobby (dj’ing) and began to build a small music collection. Little beaty boy went on to attend the Academy at U of D Jesuit an all boys’ institution and later Michigan State University. He went deep into dj’ing and music and throughout time began to blossom….

And then, things got weird.

Fast-forward to today, the “Beaty Boy” discovered that ultimately he wanted to help others. He became a public defender and enjoyed helping the underdog…

Until the day that the Muses once again came calling, this time, asking for his help. Only, they didn’t need the “Beaty Boy,” they needed what he had become…

They needed the DJ Energy…

You thought that Beaty Boy Records was only music? Think again. The adventures of Beaty Boy and
DJ Energy coming soon…




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